Wireless Solutions

Connecting people across multi-site & outdoor locations.

We install wireless networks where a site or building is not accessible by a copper or fibre connection.

We connect voice and data devices, including telephones, PCs, smart appliances; and network operated plant and machinery. Our customers range from small office based businesses to football stadiums with over 1000+ outlets and complex copper and fibre designs.

Where do we work?

  • Town and city centres
  • Caravan parks
  • Sports stadiums
  • Outdoor facilities

Our promise to you

  • Access to the world's leading wireless technology
  • Affordable and flexible license/maintenance contracts
  • Choice of wireless products and impartial recommendations based on your infrastructure requirements, including:
    • Cisco - Highly secure wireless access products for businesses of any size
    • Open Mesh - Cloud managed modular wireless system, creating ultra low-cost, plug-and-play wireless mesh networks just about anywhere
    • Ubiquiti - A variety of high-end wireless networking products that utilise innovative and ground-breaking wireless technology
    • Point to Point (PTP) Wireless Bridges - Effective and affordable method of extending your network to a neighbouring building
  • No network downtime
  • Minimal disruption to your business or home
  • Installation by qualified telecoms & structured cabling engineers