Telephone Systems

Preparing you for the big digital phone switchover.

We replace traditional copper phone lines with low cost, flexible cloud-based telephone infrastructure and systems.

Where do we work?

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Sports stadiums
  • Industrial and manufacturing sites

Our promise to you

  • Affordable subscriptions with guaranteed system upgrades every 3 years
  • Option for multiple internal and external lines; and the ability to easily add additional lines
  • Seamless transfer from legacy phone systems with no down-time
  • 2,000 free landline calls and 2,000 mobile free calls per user
  • Off-site hosting and maintenance with minimal disruption
  • Low installation fees and no service plan costs

Did you know?

By 2025, BT will switch off its traditional phone line network and switch all customers to digital telephone lines - now is the time to consider updating your phone network.